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About City Elders

We are a national network of elders charged with the mission of governing the gates of every city in America to establish the Kingdom of God with strength, honor, and courage.

Governing the city gates is the Biblical model of City Governance.

Our mission statement.

City Elders™ exist to Govern the gates of every City Spiritually, Politically, and Economically so that:


  • Life is Protected

  • Liberty is Defended

  • Christ is Exalted

  • Families Flourish

The Core Focus of City Elders™

City Elders are spiritual, political, and business leaders who have joined together in the Abrahamic Covenant within the towns, cities, and states to do accomplish the following:

  1. Establish righteousness in governance spiritual, civil, and economic systems.

  2. Draft civil laws which reflect and uphold Biblical values and Judeo-ecclesia ethics.

  3. Protect those vulnerable, innocent, and disenfranchised.

  4. Promote the principles and protocols of God’s Kingdom.

  5. Glorify God through the Lordship of His Son, Jesus Christ, and our High Priest.


The Function of City Elders

City Elders™ are experienced, anointed, and recognized leaders from the three primary spheres of God-ordained authority; the Ecclesia, Civil Government, and Business.

All three of these institutions were designed for the express purpose of protecting and providing for the family unit.

  1. Shepherds

    • These are God’s servants ordained to feed, lead, protect and nurture the people of God.

  2. Servants

    • These are God’s civil servants, called, anointed, equipped, to administer justice, equity, and protection.

  3. Stewards

    • These are God’s kingdom entrepreneurs to create wealth and employment opportunities.

Shepherds - Civil Servants - Stewards

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