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Partner Directory

Here you will find a directory of some of the ministries and organizations we work with at City Elders Virginia.


Americans For Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity believes freedom and opportunity are the keys to unleashing prosperity for all. We are a community of millions of concerned citizens advocating for solutions based on proven principles to tackle the country's most critical challenges.

Advancing Native Missions

For the past 30 years, ANM (Advancing Native Missions) has helped Christians like you, as well as churches, get involved in global outreach that transforms lives and communities in the name of Jesus.

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Black Robe Regiment

The Black Robe Regiment is a resource and networking entity where church leaders and laypeople can network and educate themselves as to our biblical responsibility to stand up for our Lord and Savior and to protect the freedoms and liberties granted to a moral people in the divinely inspired US Constitution.

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Comfort Care Women's Health

ComfortCare is your expert in unplanned pregnancy… the only local health center specializing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of unplanned pregnancy.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

We are a community working to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

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